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Unwrap yourself from
the thought of him.

Wash your hands,
even if it never makes
you feel any cleaner.
You will never be able
to scrub off certain
pieces of yourself.

Write yourself love
notes. Try to believe
the best of you.

When he tries to kiss
you in these frequent
daydreams, and they
will be frequent,
practice turning your
head away. Practice
moving on.

Take baths often.
Let yourself melt
into the water;
remember to gather
all of yourself back
up once you are done.

Do not leave yourself
to be swallowed by
the drains.

Sleep on the grass.
Don’t move when it
begins to rain.

Look for the stars every
night, even when they
are nowhere to be found.
Unhinge yourself from
the promises you keep
underneath your tongue.

Try not to fall back
into the person you
grew away from.

thoughts on being better, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
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